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Honey massage

Honey massage

During the honey massage, intensive detoxification of the body takes place. Experienced masseur performs the application of honey on your skin and handles special honey strokes on your body. Honey gradually turns to a gray-white mass. The color depends on the degree of intoxication of your organism and is a sign of the body being cleansed.

After a massage on the body, a honey steps remains, which is good to keep for as long as possible. That's why it's good to wash with your soap on the day of the massage.

Massage works holistically. It takes toxic substances off the whole body and thus acts on the whole organism. It helps with psychological problems, depressions, headaches, chronic cold, digestive difficulties, specimens and skin problems. It also softens the skin.

Massage should be done once a month. In case of major difficulties even once a week.


The procedure lasts about 1 hour. The massage itself lasts 40 minutes.

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